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Zumba TV series is very nice

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I took my first Zumba class at the gym that 10.00 per class. I enjoyed it so much. It'been easy, the teacher was brilliant. He took the time to show us the instructions. I decided to save money by ordering the DVD and workout at home. I absolutely do not dance, or even cordinated. I do this 3x a week to start. I'm still stuck on the DVD novice, it does not take step by step, each move slowly, and then take the pace. I sweat and my heart rate may not get there ok so I'm stuck with the beginners dvd now. I had to stop and answer a lot of beginners to grasp movements. I said okay, the more you do, the better you get. I tried to go to the next DVD, but they move so quickly, and move your hips, so that moves barely remember what I learned the first DVD, and I have difficulty following along. So, until it changes my Pat, I think I have a crush on a DVD.Yes,I love it very much.I really liked Zumba classes at the gym, so I decided to buy myself for domestic use. The Amazon service is great, faster than expected. But the videos themselves, I thought, was very confusing. I do not even use them now because they leave me frustrated. And he speaks only Spanish.
Time will tell what he did for my weight and size, but in my humble opinion, everything that enters the fat ass on your mobile is a good thing. I have a lot of other videos, Turbo Jam workouts in shape, The Firm, Jeanette Jenkins, etc and was happy to add to my collection Zumba - again, anything that makes me my couch and moving is a good thing. I can find the videos and really hard to exercise - I've been soaking with sweat? NO, but even 20 minutes of work worked moisture. The point is, you are looking for a different and fun to do something? If you are open minded enough to try the steps and willing to work on them until they get it right. If your answers are yes, I recommend Zumba - unless you have absolutely no coordination, they will be able to do the training - moving both people in the video? Probably not, but again, did you ever look at people in the videos? probably not.
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