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Bought my S6 second hand from a dealer. It came with a nifty Audi cassette tape on how to use the radio and that was about it. I am trying to get the cellular phone that came with it working (more for fun than anything). I am in need of a fuse box diagram for either the S6 or A6. If you have an A6 or S6 in this model year, any information would be great.
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Okay, I found a wrecker (auto recycler) that had two Audi A6's in his lot. What a find! I found the owner's manual for an 1997 A6 in the front seat of one. Alas, most of my questions have been answered by the manual, like fuse panel and setting the memory seating (albeit I have an S6 and not an A6) it's still great.

My S6 came with an Audi Telephone in it. Doesn't seem to want to work so I have removed it. My question now is, the cable that runs to the rear of the vehicle and connects to a CelWave antenna, can I remove it? Or is this also the AM/FM antenna?

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