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hi there at the audi forum.

please help.

a local san diego dealer replaced the complete RH xenon headlight on my 2002 allroad [some mounting bracket failed and made the light 'flutter' and vibrate]; upon 1st use of the lights at nite it was immediately apparent that the new headlight had a YELLOWISH tint to it and not the very blue/white one expects from a xenon light bulb. it is especially noticeable since my driver-side headlight is lighting up just fine: ultra white/blue.

returned car to dealer. they claim tech support from audiUSA advised them of a sometimes necessary "burn-in" time of xenon lights; the lens supposedly is yellow and will 'burn' to white when using the lamps [???!].
i have never experienced this with any of my cars that i bought NEW and came equipped with xenons: the lights where just the right BLUE/WHITE right from the beginning.

is it correct that xenons need a 'burn-to-blue/wht' break in time?

dealer claims since it is a warranty repair that they did not get the OK to replace the whole $700.00 light assembly again. what's up with that?

please advise

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Never heard of that one!!

A mate of mines B6 Cab was in the repair shop after deciding to knock down a wall with the front of this motor and i saw it after being repaired (new headlight, bumper, grill) and his was perfect..

Sounds to that the transformer is faulty, which is not producing enough power to the HID, which in turn as it running on less power it is shining a yellow colour as its not burning bright enough!

Get on your Audi dealer and demand you need this sorting ASAP.
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