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Winter/snow Tyres For A6 Avant

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Hello All, advice appreciated.
I'm driving to the alps from the UK twice this winter, 5 snowboarders plus all the gear. I'm going to need to drive above the snow line (we're going to Ste Foy) so i thought i'd ask the opinion of you North Americans that do this regularly.
I'm thinking of the Good Year Eagle Ultra Grip GW3. I need a tyre that's going to be fine for motorway cruising, wet and dry country lanes, as well as some snow and ice.
I've got the 2002 A6 Avant with 17"alloys/Sport package.
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How about snowchains? Anyone familiar with driving on chains versus snowtyres? How about 17" wheels- a problem?
i've used chains ON TOP of snow tires when its really bad/icy. they scraped up my OEM wheels pretty bad, good thing i use other wheels year round
Hmm. I thought snowchains weren't supposed to mark the rims? Were they big chains tightened right up to make them fit, or is this usual? I understand from elsewhere that carrying snowchains in europe is law, so i guess i have to get some regardless. A friend of mine has driven in them but he says they're useless and took them off. Has anyone tried Autosocks? They look pretty dumb but the theory is sound... don't know how they feature legally though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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