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Ive been doing ALOT of research & couldnt find an anwser. So I have a C5S6. I sent out my original heads for rebuild @ "Clearwater Cylinder Heads" Long story short Fed-Ex Lost the heads so ClearWater Cylinder Heads could not find any C5S6 heads available so they sent me D2S8 heads & told me they should also work. That would be pretty sweet if they do but.... I want to know for sure before I put a whole motor together & find out the hard way..

Im hoping I can get some help from a few pros. Im curious if anyone has done this already. this is my first time owning a C5S6. Ive been in the B5s4 world before this.

My Camshafts Part # 077 109 022 EF

Seems Like they have disscontinued this part #. Also from what research I have done they should fit A8/S8. But Im curious if the cam profile is even the same between A8 & S8?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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