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Why Use The Very Expensive 5w-40 Oil?

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I own a 2000 A4 Avant 1.9tdi 115bhp. Unfortunately due to illness I can no longer afford to have my car dealer serviced and have decided to do all future work myself. I visited my local dealer to get all parts needed to carry out the service and asked why I have to use the very expensive 5W-40 oil and received a very lengthy answer which did not contain any mechanical reason and seem to be mainly based on Audi policy and guidelines.

Could anybody tell me if I need to use this oil and the reasons why? I am happy to carry on with using this oil if it is mechanically the best thing for me to do.
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Just to add to above.
I know someone who 'saved' on putting different make of oil into Audi A6 V6 and that has stuffed the hydraulic tappets and looked like muck on the next check! Expensive that was! There must be a certain detergent that is made specifically for these engines, to be compatible with all the alloys/synthetic parts used within. Same applies to the coolant.
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