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Which Model A4 Do I Buy?

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Hello all, this is my first post but im sure ill be around on here lots once i purchase my A4 in the very near future.....My question is this:

' seeing as i am to soon purchase an A4, i wanted peoples opinions on which model is better (hope i dont cause too many arguments :D ) , I dont want a diesel or a 1.6 or non turbo 1.8, or an avant but its gotta be a quattro.... so from what i gather that leaves me with 1.8T sport quattro, 2.4 V6 Quattro and 2.8 V6 quattro!? please feel free to correct me as im far from an expert on these!, however, having been into the retro watercooled VW scene for some time, i know the huge tuning capability of the 20v 1.8T and as such am swung slightly toward that, but, i know very very little of the other 2 models- power output/ std equipment etc I would also be wanting climate control, sports or leather seats and possibly Xenons...... please advise!

Any and all info you can give would be great :)

PS- would love an S4 but out of window for insurance reasons. :angry:
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I won't be too helpful, but I like the 1.8t, I have owned 3 cars now with it and still like it.
which year or body style A4 are you interested in?
Test drive them all including the diesel. you will be shock by the performce of the diesels fast cars, if you do make sure its 1.9 tdi 130 or 2.5 tdi 150 to 180 ( red eye)
i have a 2001 a4 1.8t w/ the sport pkge. (17" wheels / sport suspension-eibach springs) , and i'm pissing-myself-pleased w/ it.
in 2001 Audi pushed the HP up from 150 to 170 in the 1.8T.
This year is also the last year of their previous body-style, which i still prefer over the current.
Between the Quattro and the Sport Pkge. the cars handles BEAUTIFULLY, i see curvey roads ahead and i just smile..
170 HP is plenty in this 5k lb. car, its no S4-rocket , but more than enough to make you appriciate your air-bags. - (lol)
alnd to top it off i still get 20-25 mpg. NOT BAD, especially with gas prices going the way they are.

BOTTON LINE, i LOVE my car and would recommend one just like it to anyone.
2001 Audi A4 1.8T w/ sport pkge.
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