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I've just bought my self a 1.8TQ B6, and i've been looking to find parts for it.

I want to get the front Grille Badge "Quattro" cuz mine is missing.

I'd love to get the S4 or S-Line Door Flares but i can't find anywhere other than the obvious (stealer) to buy them.

I wouldnt mind getting my hands on a small boot lip spoiler that u get on the S-Line either.

I've looked at Ebay for them and they're all stick on which doesn't sound bad at all! I found one in Carbon Fibre look for $19+shipping. but its for the old A4.

What do people think of Carbon Fibre spoiler on Dolphin Grey? Will it look tackey and stand out too much or will it be a nice detail? It will be the only Carbon Fibre part but it saves me painting!? Opinions welcome?

Any input welcome
1 - 3 of 3 Posts