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Hi all,

I've finally got my stereo fitted but it just doesn't have enough bass or clarity in the high end. It's currently got a non-bose system and a Kenwood head unit.

The place i had it fitted suggested i get a kicker component set (13cm/5") for the front and possibly a woofer for the boot, but he suggested that i try out the current speakers with my new head unit for a couple of weeks before deciding to go with different setup.

Thing is it's not bassy enough, especially when i'm driving on motorways. It's an A4 Avant (96/P) and has a bass box in the rear which the fitter pointed out to me. This doesn't provide enough low end deep bass. What i don't want is a massive bass box in a boot so everyone within a 10mile radius can here me! All i can here at the moment is a punchy kind of bass, not deep enough.

I saw this pioneer sealed unit that you can fit discreetly under the seat if you wish:
TS-WX11A Pioneer Subwoofers - Car Entertainment

Although it's a sealed unit and as far as i know i need a ported box for deep bass.

What do you think?

Any suggestions?


I've seen people take car door interiors off to fit speakers/fix window mechanisms before and sometimes the fitting never seems to be the same once it's been removed. Has anyone experienced the same?

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