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What equipment is needed to pull a 2.7T from a B5 S4 or C5 A6 & relative difficulty?

I'm looking at a couple salvage cars from B5 S4's to A6's with 2.7T (including allroads) and I haven't seen any video's where a lift wasn't used but I've read a number of reports where either a hoist or engine crane (after front end of car was removed) were used often in conjunction of a transmission jack/dolly.

I have access to a 3000lb (or 4,000) crane but only 1500lbs with boom FULLY extended to about 66". I also have an electric hoist/crane (mounts & rolls on structural steel I-beam) that can do 1500lbs or 3000lbs when the additional pulley block is added. I do have an engine stand very similar to this one below.

Now I really wish I had a lift and it's my dream to have one in my garage or have a business that has one - I'd even settle for a pit! I can currently lift the car up to 24". I could probably add another 10-18" if I really wanted to spend some $ and time fabricating.

So how difficult would it be to pull the engine and trans with the setup thaI have? If there is something that isn't up to snuff or there are much better options, or things I would need, the chances are pretty good I can rent them or maybe even borrow them.

So could anyone who has any experience with this engine give me some feedback? Oh, BTW, the reason I'm asking about both cars is I'm planning on getting one or the other first and if things go smoothly, then I may pursue another project car, or make a an S4 Avant using the 2.7 from an Allroad or A6 and a nice A4 B5/6 Avant body. The last option is parting out whichever car I choose if things don't work out as hoped.

Images from L to Right: Engine stand - Transimission Jack Stand - Electric Hoist (similar to mine) - Engine Crane - Engine Load Leveler


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