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Hi, Can anyone advise what I might expect by buying a '98 A6 1.8T? I have never owned an Audi before (Renault at moment) - should I buy a 2001 Laguna or this 1998 A6 with 63k on the clock?
I do 25k miles pa varied driving, rural and motorway mixed. I have joined this forum to get some advice & will appreciate your comments!
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well, the 1.8t is a great engine. we dont have that option here in the states, but i've driven it in the Passat (essencially an A6) as well as other VWs and Audis.

Cant make a coment on the other car you're looking into as i have no experence with it.... I can tell you that you wont be disapointed with the A6!

Welcome to B)
We had 2 A6 1.8T's at work but they left at around three years old. During that time they had no problems that I recall. I drove one, I think it was a W registration, and felt the suspension was far too soft. this resulted in the car not handling very well. The UK Audi A6 did get a suspension revision in 2001. My own A6 handles much better than the old company cars.

We do have a number of Passat 1.8T's on the fleet. No major issues there, although one did "eat" a turbo at around 100,000 miles. It could have been a one off.

I can not comment on the new Laguna but the P reg car I used to drive was comfortable but that was the end of the good points. At least 5/6 fleet cars had the heater matrix replaced. The old engines were very slow also. The build quality of Renault is not in the same leauge as Audi either.

I would test drive both cars then go with which feels best.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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