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I am newbie on Audi A4 B7 and I have ordered a used German B7 car.

I have realized that this car has no on-board computer.

Will you please help me understand what will I miss without this feature?
Now, I am also curious to know what will I be able to show on dashboard display?
Your responses are highly appreciated

Thank you in advance.

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If your talking about the trip computer, without it you will only get the range you can drive till you run out of gas, (ex. 300 miles)

with it, you can get your intstant fuel use, (ex 23.4 MPG) your average fuel use ( AVG 21 MPG) , how long you have been driving and your average speed,

but your in luck, if you really want those features you can retrofit the trip computer onto an audi a4 that doesnt have it included, all you need to do is get a replacement whiper stalk with the toggle buttons on it ( because cars that dont have the computer, dont have the buttons )and find someone with vag-com to enable it in the software.

its a DYI project to get the steering wheel off, and change the stalk, but its not impossible to do , as long as you have some patience .


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Enabling trip computer without the trip computer controls in wiper stalk

Tyler, thanks so much for your reply.

I was not aware that by adding only a whiper stalk I will be able to see board-computer features.

Your info encouraged me to look deeper on thiss issue.

I thought to share this info with others (I am not sure if it will work on my car, but I need to finx a HEX CAN cable to try it):

Enabling trip computer without the trip computer controls in wiper stalk:
In 56-Radio (this part of the tip is for radios not MMI) check byte 9, bit 6 (board settings active?) and in 17-Instruments check byte 1, bit 2 (DIS active). This will enable the DIS display of e.g. miles/km to gas empty. Then in radio CAR menu go to Instrument cluster, On-board computer 1/2 and set all the entries to No, except the one you wish to display on the DIS (since without the stalk controls you can not scroll them). You will also gain speed warning via the same menu. Thanks to NPuter (Cool VAG-COM codes) and Cabal_san at AudiWorld for this tip.

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remove the old switch
fit the new switch
earth the washer level circuit
encode address 16
change adaption channel value address 17 channel 19 to enable dis function

Parts required for my 2004 a4 1.9 tdi lowline electrics

This is the same as b7 but i have yet to come across a b7 that needed a new steering column electrics as they have all been index Q which supports mfsw so no need to change

1 steering column electrics control unit for onboard computer doesn't need to be changed from low 8E0 953 549 S but I'm retro fitting cruise as well so i fitted 8E0 953 549 N.

There is no pin 5 for cruise for s but there is for n

Switch for on board computer part number 4E0 953 503 C4 PK £ 54

Switch for cruise 4E0 953 503 4P K £ 19

Lower cowling trim for cruise 8E0 953 512 P6 PS

EXTRA wire for dash multi pin (blue connector pin 1) 000 979 009

Ill cover both cruise and mfi switch for b6 in this description,it took me 1 hour to fully complete but i had already worked my codes out and wiring diagram.

Scan your car with vag com before any work and record all your coding's.

Make sure the clutch switch is working in engine ecu measured value blocks as cruise wont operate if the switch isn't working.

Disconnect the battery and destatisfy your self before removing the drivers air bag.

Remove the two torx screws for the airbag and disconnect the airbag.

Place the airbag face upon the floor away from yourself.

Remove the 12mm multi spline for the steering wheel and mark the position of the steering wheel so you don't have to realign the wheel.

Remove the steering wheel and remove the steering cowling Two small torx and one small 4 mm allen key plus 2mm allen key for the height adjuster arm.

Remove the steering angle sensor

You will see the 4 black headed torx screws securing the switch packs to the steering column electrics.

If your only doing the mfs then just swap the switch.

If your doing both then unscrew all 4 torx and fit the new steering column electrics control unit and fit the cruise switch as well and secure.

Fit the new cowling part number 8E0 953 512 P6 ps.(only for cruise)

Remove the dash insert and disconnect the multi connectors.

You need the blue connection.

Remove the inner multi pin from the blue outer connection

Locate pin 1 and there wont be a wire there on b6 but b7 has the wire for the washer but it doesn't have the warning sensor in the bottle.So b7 you can earth pin one with the original wire

B6 fit additional wire into the terminal (wire part number 000 979 020 )and run the wire to the earth point on the bulk head behind the dash (10mm nut)

Fit a eye terminal and secure at this earth point.

Insulate your wiring with cloth tape or insulation tape if your a cheap skate and reassemble the connection.

Re assemble and get ready for coding the lot up

Ok reconnect the battery and connect vag com.

Not all codes and adaptation may be relevant for your vehicles so work your own out.

Abs needs resetting but if you drive in a straight line for 20 meters it should reset if not go to ross tech site for you
. etting

Sorted that then lets go on.

Now the steering column needs setting up for cruise and mfs.

Coding control unit

The code is composed as follows:

0 X X X X : Blanks

0 X X X : Standard steering wheel (4-spoke without multi-function)
1 X X X : 3-spoke steering wheel (sports steering wheel)
2 X X X : MFS with radio operation
3 X X X : MFS with radio/telephone operation
4 X X X : MFS with radio/telephone/voice operation

0 X X : No Tiptronic on steering wheel/no steering wheel heater
1 X X : Tiptronic on steering wheel
2 X X : Steering wheel heating (not for 3-spoke steering wheel)
3 X X : Steering wheel heating, Tiptronic on steering wheel (only with multi-function steering wheel)

0 X : No on-board computer, no CCS
1 X : On-board computer
2 X : CCS
4 X : On-board computer, CCS

1 : Saloon, Cabrio
2 : Avant, Coupe (rear window wiper)

CCS: Cruise control system
MFS: Multi-function steering wheel
VCS: Voice control system

Coding example: 00001
Vehicle with standard steering wheel, no Tiptronic on steering wheel/no steering wheel heating, no on-board computer/no CCS, Saloon

also enable the engine ecu for cruise

2005 onwards 3.0 tdi and petrol's require byte 6 changing to enable the engine ecu for cruise,use the long code helper in address 01 and change byte 6 to 01

Ok sorted that lets sort the dash display for on board display.

audi A4 2001 > Dash panel insert, adapting illumination, DIS, radio clock and on-board computer

In adaption channel 19 the following functions are adapted:
Radio clock
Driver information system
On-board computer
Illumination options

The following options are possible:

1st digit: Radio clock and sports seats:
Coding value XXXX0 = Radio clock not active
Coding value XXXX1 = Radio clock active (with PR no. U2A)
Coding value XXXX2 = Radio clock not active and sports seat active (only RS4) (with PR no. Q4P)
Coding value XXXX3 = Radio clock active and sports seat active (only RS4) (with PR no. U2A and Q4P)

2nd digit is not coded, so always 0:

3rd digit: Driver Information System:
Coding value XX1XX = Highline dash panel insert without driver information system, (no drive time alarm, no washer fluid/brake light/bulb warning (even in Check) and Computer option not selectable from menu. Only range displayed on on-board computer. (dash panel inserts with PR no. 9Q3)
Coding value XX2XX = Driver information system with menu guidance
Coding value XX3XX = Driver information system with menu guidance and unit switching (dash panel inserts with PR no. 9Q2 and 9Q4)

4th digit: On-board computer:
Coding value X0XXX = On-board computer (only level 2 - long-term memory)
Coding value X1XXX = Level 1 and 2 (dash panel inserts with PR no. 9Q2 and 9Q4)

5th digit: Illumination options:
Coding value 0XXXX = Illumination (pointer and scale) on only active with lights on
Coding value 1XXXX = Pointer illumination on active with ignition on, scale (1st dimming characteristic) and pointer illumination active with lights on
Coding value 2XXXX = Scale illumination (1st dimming characteristic) active with ignition on, scale and pointer illumination active with lights on
Coding value 3XXXX = Scale (with 2nd dimming characteristic) and pointer illumination active with ignition on or lights on

General points on dimming characteristics:

If one of the two dimming characteristics is adapted, the value of the photo transistor in the dash panel insert is included in the illumination (according to the adaptation: pointer, scales or both).

If a vehicle drives into a tunnel, underpass or suchlike during daytime without its lights on, the illumination in the dash panel insert is dimmed down to indicate to the driver that the driving lights are off. Depending on the adaptation, either the pointer or scale illumination, or both, is dimmed

Go to 17 dash and go to adaptation channel 19 and use the help balloon to determine your code.

Mine required to be set to 31010

Ok you should now have on board display and try your button out.

All done rescan and erase fault memory and test your cruise out.

The green icon will come on the top of the dash when cruise is active

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thank you, glad this helped
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