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Hey friends. 2003 A4 Quattro 3.0L

I bought this A4 cranking, but not starting. I've been attempting to diagnose it. OBD eleven would not find any codes even though there are multiple lights on the dash. It was having trouble connecting as well. I tried with another vag com amazon special and it says it cannot connect. Both scanners could be junk I know, but OBD eleven usually works for most folks from what I understand.

I have reason to believe this issue is electrical. The previous owner has cables running all around under the steering wheel column in a very unprofessional manner for a subwoofer that was in it, as well as an after market security system. I think it was wired into a something it wasn't supposed to be. The radio doesn't play any sound when the ignition is on on top of it all.

Weird symptoms include:

- Whenever I crank the engine, a tiny speaker near the foot pedals starts making a static like sound. It turns off eventually, or with another crank it goes away.
- Today, my battery tender was saying that it was not charging the battery. It's never done that.
- I cranked the engine with the amazon special scanner plugged in, and the battery tender on, and now it wont crank, but the starter just clicks. Now, the the key wont even light up the dash. Everything totally dead. Right before that the tiny speaker near the foot pedals made the loudest noise it's ever made.

I know all these problems may be unrelated, all connected, or happening because of different reasons, but I listed them all anyway.

Should I look at a wiring diagram, reconnect everything as it should be, check all fuses and relays, and go from there?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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