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I own a 2014 A5 2.0 diesel quattro (190Hp CNHA).
Problem started a while back and i can t seem to fix it since.
The coil indicator started blinking one day and the car entered limp mode. First reaction, turned off the engine and started it again...indicator disappeared and the car wasn t in limp mode anymore.
A few days later went to the service to see what the tester was showing.
2 faults found:
1. 4817- Leak in air intake system
2. 5710- Manifold pressure/Boost sensor G31(MAP)

Well...the guys at the Service said it s the wiring of the MAP Sensor so they replaced it...was a surprise to see that the problem didn t go away.
Than they replaced the MAP sensor and this time the problem when away. All the replaced parts were genuine.
After a while, lets say 3 months the problem reappeared. Imagine my frustration.
So i decided to take a look at this MAP sensor, maybe the connector was loose or something, unfortunately it wasn`t.
Went back to the Audi dealer and they said they can t figure out what s wrong. Well shet, that s unfortunate.
Checked the sensor myself and observed that the mount on witch the sensor is mounted is extremely hot. (should it be like that or not, i have no clue, didn t find anything on google about the temperature).
Is the MAP sensor built to work at those temperatures, should that mount be hotter than hell, can it be from something else ( no errors were shown on the tester and the process was repeated several times and in different days)?
I m getting really pissed at this situation the dealer told me to leave the car there for a few days, but i don t want them to tell me that the crankshaft is the problem.>:)
So, i m asking you guys if you encountered this issue or heard anything about it, to let me know please.
Thank you in advance.
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