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Water Leak?

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I've just bought a 96 A4 1.8 SE Manual (2 weeks ago). It's done 96.5K miles and I have done 800 since i bought it without any problems.

However I have noticed that there is a lot of water coming from underneath the car coming from what appears to be 3 seperate points. The car leaks when the engine is switched off and doesn't seem to stop. There is about 1 drop every 10-15 seconds. It is about 3 feet in about as far back as the front wheels.

I know this water is not coming from the coolant system as the level is still at maximum.

I presume it is coming from the air conditioning system.

Is this normal???

Does anyone else have this problem??

Does anyone have any other ideas??
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it's perfectly normal for the car too drip water if the air - con has been running for a while - So this means when you park and the engine is switched off, the water will still drip as the pipes start returning too normal temperature - in other words the air - con pipes start too unfreeze causing the water too drip too the ground.

No! worries though :)
It's perfectly normal - I can assure you. :D
By the way - If your air - con does that, you have a wicked system

Nice !!!
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