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Water Leak

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I am a new member to this forum and own a 2001 a6 avant 1.9 tdi.
I have recently noticed that the carpet in the passenger footwell is very wet and wondered if anyone can shed any light on the problem, or has had a similar experience.
I am interested to hear any comments
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Had the same problem and managed to fix it. After a heavy rain I had the whole right part of the interior sunk by 10-15 cm of water!!! The carpets on the left were also wet.

The water gets into the car via the air ducts under the driver's and passenger's seats. That's the lowest point in the ventilation system. Of course, water shouldn't get into the ventilation at first :D . Anyway, in my case, the problem was the trim that fits on the bottom of the windscreen. It should be well fitted. When I replaced my battery, I had to remove the trim and I wasn't too careful when putting it back. Minor mistake, major consequences! The pollen filter case was also cracked at the bottom. I only had to fit the trim properly and to glue the crack in the case, and the problem was gone. You should check these 2, the problem is most likely there.

Also, fix this problem ASAP, cause under the windscreen, opposite to the pollen filter box, lies the computer box. Its position is similar, and it might be prone to the same problem. And you don't want water in that!!!

You should also check this link:

It seems this is a common problem...
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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