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Water Leak

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I am a new member to this forum and own a 2001 a6 avant 1.9 tdi.
I have recently noticed that the carpet in the passenger footwell is very wet and wondered if anyone can shed any light on the problem, or has had a similar experience.
I am interested to hear any comments
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2000 audi s4

I also have a leak in my car except the water comes in from the backseat floor behind the drivers seat. Its not leaking through the doors it seems to be comming from under the car? or its stored somewhere when it rains and somehow leaks into only the backseat floor on the driverside. Its gotton so bad that its up to the top of the seat and pushed its way to the place i drive and is covering half the pedals. please help dont know what to do.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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