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hi indigo, I too bought a 2000 audi tt when it had 30k on it. I bought mine from an audi dealership, Well there are 2 problems I've been having since owning my audi, one is that my alarm goes off about 5 minutes after i lock my car. I spent $300 to get it fixed, & yet it still goes off. i checked the vin on carfax & also talked to the dealer and it has a clear title. So anywhere i go, i can't lock my car (shitty, i know) So i don't know what the deal is, but i'm thinking maybe it's the year of the car like you said. Maybe it's a small malfunction or something, who knows, but i'm getting the alarm to be disabled here pretty soon. The other is this weird knocking noise when I'm shifting into another gear. It's not noticeable but i cringe, when i hear it. The car is awesome and runs great, but i figured with 30k i wouldn't be having these problems right? I just thought you should know, sorry i couldn't be more helpful.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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