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Hi forum friends
I'm a first-time Audi owner (At Avant, 1.9Tdi) and although generally happy with the car find myself at loggerheads with Audi over warranty issues (the car is less than 3 years old).
There are 2 problems - clutch judder at start-up and a clicky/clonky driver's seat.
For reasons I can't explain, the local Audi dealer won't recognise either of the problems and Audi UK won't act without his recommendation (I didn't buy the car from him, can that make a difference?).
I'm left having to; live with the problems, pay for the repairs myself or fight on. I'm going with the latter and think I need to lever Audi UK with an independent assessment of the problems.
Does anyone have any experience of exceptional measures to force Audi to meet their warranty obligations?
Any comment/advice gratefully received
Thanks in anticiaption
Andrew, Guildford UK
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