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Warranty And Wet Chip

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I know getting a Wetteruer chip installed in the car voids warranty, but they say you can switch the wet chip out and the old one is still okay. Just wondering if they can find out or not cause i finally was able to get to the actually chip. I guess starting with 2002 they put a safety metal box around the chip. I filed down the screws and used a flathead to get the screws out. A huge pain in the ass but it makes the protective box look like nothing has happened to it just in case the dealer checks. Hopefully you guys can help me out because i know the wetteruer chip is great but still have 25000 miles left that i don't want to be voided. Hopefully someone with the chip can help me and tell me if it is easy to install the old one when going into the dealer. Also is it worth it? Thanks guys.
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Yes, I am sending it to German Speed Merchants in North Carolina. They reprogram the chip and piggy back it with the wetteruer chip i think than they send it back. I spend a long time trying to get the unit out so i can easily put it back in. What chips did you have installed and did you leave them in when you went to santa monica audi.
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