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I have an '06 A4 S-Line w/ symphony audio.

Ok, let me seee if I have this right...
I have the Symphony Stereo in my B7.

Am I correct in saying
1) The Factory HU powers the front speakers
2) The factory HU sends rear signals to the trunk mounted amp, and then onto the rear doors and sub in the rear deck?

I have the FSM now from ebahn, so I know the wire colors.

1) Does the Factory HU have any RCA Line-outs?
2) In the doors, is there a physical crossover box, or do the wires seperate at the mid speaker without a crossover module?
I plan to remove the door panel at some point to check it all out.

I plan to get the radio removal tool but wanted to know before I pull it out.

Just FYI, if all goes as planned, I will be keeping the factory HU, using a Rockford 3Sixty.2 or JL Audio CleanSweep and amping all around and replacing all speakers, as well as building a custom fiberglass enclosure for a 12" sub in the trunk corner so as not to take up too much space.
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