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Hello,I have some problems.
I join in a project that consists in a clustar swap.
We have a VW EOS 2008 with a micronas dash.
What we want to do is to swap the clustert with a VW EOS 2010 NEC24C32 dash.
Althought the wiring is different we were able to connect the new cluster, and it works well.
But Some problems start with the immo
We think that if we had the PINCODE/SKC we would be able to match the new cluster with the ECU (and we would be able to match the keys).
So I want to know if the VAG KM+IMMO tool is able to get the pin code of this clusters.
And what about the vag commander 8.6?If it is better?In fact I know it is useful to read the pin code by using a VAG KM+IMMO tool.
Thank you.:huh:
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