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The last of a breed and the best of the bunch
by Luke Vandezande

Ferocious yet refined. Aggressive, but subtle. Like Bob Dole’s infamous Vi agra commercial, there’s immense joy lurking just beneath the surface.

As with Dole’s candid television discussion, most of what’s important about the Audi RS 5 is out of sight – thankfully in the case of the former.

Only a few ripples of enhanced performance show from beneath the surface. (For the sake of clarity, we are speaking of the RS 5). That said, this metaphor has now reached an uncomfortable level. Consider it dead.


Small touches set the car apart while sticking to its maker’s stereotypical understated styling. Wide ducts sit on the lower front fascia, gulping air to help cool optional carbon ceramic brakes. The grille glints a glossy black and there’s a little RS badge nestled therein.

The standard wheels measure 19-inches, although it’s a shame not to choose the optional 20-inch five-spoke alternatives. They look that much better.

A small spoiler rises from the deck lid automatically at 75 mph and lies flat if the car slows below 50 mph — although the driver can manually override the automatic function.
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