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Ive got afew problems with my 2002 A3 1.6 sport.

Linked it up to VAGCOM and got the codes but im not entirely sure what they mean. Im quite mechanical minded, but more to the older/pure mechanical cars and not the electronic age!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, on the actual problem/resolution and estimated cost.

1) F265 - Map Controlled Engine Cooling Thermostat

Obviously a thermostat problem, swap it out for a fix? where's it located?

2) P1176 - Bank1 02s (lambda) Correction Behind Catalyst: Control Limit Reached

Problem with the lambda sensor - what does the limit reached mean, can i just clear the limit electronically, or (and i hope not) do i need a new lambda sensor?

3) P1650 - Powertrain Data Bus: Missing Instrument From Cluster

No clue on this one.

As said, any help would be massivly appreciated! Cheers!
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