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I'm thinking about using an Audi V8 as a powerplant in a midengined project. Mainly since I wouldn't have to modify a gearbox to fit the engine since the fwd Audi transaxle box'es would be easy to use.

I'm curious about the mechanical differences between the different 4.2 32v engines. Due to price and availability the engine I'm most likely to base this project around are the 280-300hp models found in the A8 and first S4 (with the C4 body)

The S8 and S6 thou came with 360hp and rev'ed about 1000rpm's higher than the less powerful engines. Cams are prob. not the same. And the C/R is different. But what about the valvetrain? Rod and piston strenght?

Could the less powerful engines just as well rev as high as the more powerful?

The car I'm thinking of putting this in will weigh about 1-1100kg's and a healty 340-350hp would be nice :) I'm not after brute power, more of an overall driving experience!

A redline at 7500, ITB's, crossover headers giving it more of a planecrank sound (Ferrari sound) is what I'd like!

Do you think a stock, rebuilt 280hp 4.2 with a new set of cams and the things listed above top'ed with a standalone fuel managment could produce 7000+ rpm's and 340-350 crank hp?

(And please, no lessons about the cost of ITB's would be better spent on a more powerful engine to start with, here in Sweden a 280hp engine is about 5-600USD, and a 360hp one about 2500, and I can build my own ITB's for about 500..)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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