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used TT -- idle on carfax for 4 years. why?

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hi: i look FWD to frequenting this more since i'm in line to pick up a very, very low mileage 2002 TT 1.8/225 roadster. we sold our 2001 1.8/180 roadster about 5 years ago and i've regretted it since...

this new(er) car has one oddity, though... the car -- through carfax -- is a clean 1-owner, purchased at auction in 2006, but inactive ever since... like it sat for 4 years. carfax shows it was a fleet-purchase. any idea what might be up?

the seller states that he thinks it was re-bought by audi-USA as he claims the car is "audi-USA certified" with new tires, brakes and rotors (but not a CPO).

thanks for any insight.

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