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Hi all,

I bought an '08 TT Coupe and it has about 13,000 miles on it. Lately, it has been "thump thump thumping" along at any speed and my steering wheel shakes at 75mph. I dropped by GoodYear this afternoon to have them briefly look at it and they say the tires are wearing unevenly. At 13k miles??? Is anyone else, with an 08, experiencing this issue?

On another note....this car has been a pain in my rear since I drove it off the lot. They rebuilt my transmission at 5k miles, the key got stuck in the ignition twice, the brake pads were recalled and replaced, the stereo plays at half the volume the CD and Sirius radio do (and the Audi rep acknowledged the problem and said "thats as good as its gonna get"), there was an annoying squeak in the front instrument panel that took them 4 times to fix, and last but not least, a design flaw (I would like to know if anyone else experiences this as well) - the interior of the car vibrates to the point where it hurts my ears when both windows areall the way down and you are traveling above 50mph. :( I am so fed up with this car and the issues it has. Dont get me wrong, its a beautiffffful car....but unfortunately with me, thats the only compliment I can give it.

Do I truly have a lemon or is anyone else dealing with the same issues??

Truly dissapointed (so wishing I was not),

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