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The same tyre wear issue...

It is satisfying to see that your breaking hasn't gone fanatical and the issue your facing with Q7 tyres is not a unique issue but rather a common problem faced by most, if not all, Q7 owners. What I am yet to prove to Audi Australia though is the fact that the problem has arrived downunder too and it's not unique to UK/Europe/USA...
I was asked to replace front tyres when my Q7 went for the first service on anniversary after doing just over 13,000 KMs. I did notice that the front tyres were getting bald on the outer ages before but didn’t think much of it at the time. I was very surprised to see that the brand new Q7 will need new set of tyres in a year. My previous car needed new tyres 4 years and 50,000+KMs later…
Curious and surprised, here I am calling dealership to find out what went wrong and how can I assure my self that Q7 will not need new set of tyres next year.
I was told to keep the tyre pressures at 45psi, which of course is not consistent with the instructions provided on the chart fixed near the petrol lead. And that's fine too provided you are notified when you buy the vehicle which wasn’t the case...
I have spoken to Audi Australia since about the "scrubbing" of the front tyre's outer edges, rather than simply tyre wear. Just to hear the same old story about tyre pressure, driving style and the uniqueness of every one's driving. The fact that Audi is refusing to acknowledge this as an issue in Australia is the biggest concern I have... I didn't buy my Q7 to donate few thousand dollars every year to keep the economy ticking... it's going out of my pocket and something I obviously didn't plan for!
Get this; there is no such one time only offer of free tyre replacement after x miles, or discounted tyres after y miles in Australia. You just expected to take the news, try to improve your driving style and get on with your life a few thousand dollars poorer...
So, Where to from here?
I want to know if any one in Australia in particular had this issue - A.
B - IF you answered Yes to A, where you able to get any "help" or assistance from your dealer or Audi Australia?
If your experience is similar to mine, please get in touch so that we can educate Audi Australia that Australia is not immune from this problem. They need to get their acts together and implement a consistent approach for all Q7 buyers around the world. Secondly, Audi should spend some $ to investigate this issue and once they know, start educating people on how to get more than just 5000 KMs out of Q7 tyres…
1 - 1 of 199 Posts
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