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Hey guys!
Im new here and in the Audi world. Hopefully someone can help me out here!
I bought my 01 A4 3 months ago and it started leaking oil about a week ago. I took it in to get it check, and it turns out I have a bad turbo that needs to get replaced. Now here is where I need help; the guys at the shop are trying to charge me $1250 to get my turbo rebuilt or $ 2250 to put in a new one:eek: , I have done some research and I found a new 01 A4 K03 OEM turbocharger for about $600. Now I have mechanical skills and this turbo looks to me like just a simple bolt on piece, am I wrong ?
Should I pay this guys $2250 to put on a new one?
I this something I could probably get done in my garage with some help?

Somebody PLEASE!!! Help!!!

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