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I've had my first Audi (A8 D3 2006 4.2TDI) for a year and it has been running fine, I had it remapped when
I bought it and have no problems in 12 months, milage is now 167,000 Miles.

Recently I found that I had no power when the speed of the car reached 80mph, it seemed that pushing the pedal and
letting off didnt make much difference to acceleration at that point. I have VCDS and it said that the airflow meters
were out of range/implausible.

I replaced them both and this improved things a bit, but there was still no power from 80mph upward, no matter if you changed
gears in D, S or manually. There was no smoke from the exhaust and no lights on the dash (after the AF meter replacement).

So last week, I was driving along and I heard a high pitched whining noise, pulled over, sounded like a belt slipping but constant
on the drivers side. So I drove home (temp normal, no smoke or oil lights on) and then after 3 minutes there was a plume of white
smoke behind me.

I pulled over immediately and as I did, I had at that very second a low oil level light come on, and as I was switching off (2 seconds later)
low pressure light came on.

The car lost all of its oil on the roadside at that moment.

I'm no mechanic but have done some work on cars before, here is what I did...

I dipped the oil - nothing showing on stick.
I removed the air box on the drivers side (where the oil was and the noise)
The air filter had oil in it and after removing the air box, I see 2 inches of oil in intercooler
inlet pipe, so I assume the turbo seals have given way and oil has been forced through the engine
inlet valves and out into the intercooler, filling that up and then entering the air filter.

I'm going to take the turbo off, but it looks like it may be an engine out job (which I can't do!), I go the bently
manual and they say its fairly simple to take the 4.2tdi turbo out, but to me it looks impossible !!!!

I've had 3 indy garages say they won't touch it because in their experience they replace the turbo and then bang
it either goes again or the other side goes.

I've seen reputable places sell remanufactured turbos for £650$1000, so was just wondering what else I should check
as I put the new turbo in - don't want oil to be stuck somewhere and then blow up the new one !

Any help would be appreciated, I'm sorry for the long post!

I did a search for Turbo and looked through about 20 pages of results, not sure if I was searching properly, so sorry if this has been discussed before!

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Did you get to the bottom of the problem I have had the exact same symptoms/problem with my q7 4.2tdi?
Thanks James
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