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dude im just messin wit u lol, :57:

i raced a automatic s4 2.7TT last night and actauly beat him about 5 times
1st race was... 50mph to 150+ then a 15 roll then a bunch of 40 rolls...
i mean like wtf DUDE a S4 VS a 90S front wheel drive,,,,,,, thats hard to belive but i been racing for a longtime and i know when someone is racing.. it was a tight race but i thaught he woulda smoked me........ AND! WHY my car went past 130 i thaught these 90's has 130mph gov's// YEAH maybe the guy who i baught this car from did something cuz i no a stock 90 cant beat a 96 - 2000 S4 2.7TT nobody will belive me i couldent belive it myself but i KNEW this boy was racing.. :w00t:

current car
:eek: 94 audi 90S 174 HP????????????????? i dont think so has to be more
my old cars_
92 dsm laser 400 HP est.
92 camaro Z28 245HP
92 maxima 190 HP
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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