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I have one of the first of the current-model TTs to have been sold, and it's just been for its first government check, in which I was told that both sides of the rear suspension is knackered.
From when I bought the car, I've always found the handling to be less than satisfactory (my old Corrado handled way better), but the garage I bought it from have failed to turn anything up. Since I've had it, the car has suffered two accidents, one where it was spun by a truck changing lanes, during which it was pushed sideways down the road, and the other where it suffered front-end damage caused by a red-light jumper. Both accidents were supposedly fully repaired by my usual garage, and I stressed that they should make a really thorough check of the suspension and such after the truck incident, which they assured me that they did.
The car has only covered 60,000kms in 4 years, so I find the suspension issue to be astonishing. Before I start shouting at my garage, and perhaps Audi Germany, does anyone know of any known model problems with the rear suspension?


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