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Chirping, hooting, squeaking noise when shifting to and from 4th gear.

This started on my 2005 S4 Cabriolet soon after I bought it used last summer. Then I found this TSB: tb 37-06-13.pdf

"The torque converter clutch briefly generates (about 500 ms) noises or vibrations/shuddering when changing from third to fourth gears." I'll say it does. It got so loud that it was embarrassing, and it felt as if the transmission as being damaged.

Audi gives you two options: (1) a drain/fill/tcm flash/adaptive road test for 815.00 - (495.00 labor & 320.00 for the blue fluid) or (2) replace the transmission with a rebuilt one that has the torque converter clutch rebuilt for $7,000.00. Anyone feel a draft?

I decided for option 1, but was not convinced I needed to pay Audi to do it even though the TSB warns that to change fluid without the tcm flash and adaptive drive is bad. "Failing to update the software will lead to transmission damage" or so they claim. I wondered if Audi, the company we all know never overcharges for anything extraneous or redunant, might just be hyping the importance of this tcm flash issue a little bit to make sure they profit from the defect as much as possible. Hmmmm.

I had always noticed that the transmission ran great with no noise on very cold mornings until the atf had a chance to heat up and thin out then the noise and shudder came back. Viscosity seemed to be the key to fixing the problem.

So here is where I remind you that I do my own thing and take risks because that is the way I am and you should not do this unless you are ready to have your transmission damaged, which I was. Frankly, it was so loud I was hoping it would die so I could have an excuse to replace it.

First I just did the fluid replacement with the Blue Audi ATF G 055162A. Dang expensive, that stuff. $28 bucks a quart and you need 8 quarts. Home Page > Search > ES465419 > ES#465419 VW / Audi Automatic (Tiptronic) Transmission Fluid (G055162A2) Blue - G055162A2

I took off the pan, changed the filter and refilled it. Pain in the arse.

I noticed a marked improvement, but still not great.

I then tried again but substituted some heavy gear oil for 3 quarts of the atf. Even better, but heat and foaming were an issue as the gear oil was not designed to be churned in a torque converter.

Next I took it back out and this time went with a mix of 5 quarts blue atf / gear oil mix and three quarts Lucas Transmission Fix. Lucas Transmission Fix : Lucas Oil

Perfect. The noise is gone. Shifts great. No noticeable degradation from heat or foaming. Smooth as a baby's rump.

Now will the transmission be damaged due to my stubborn refusal to spend another $500 on a tcm reflash and an adaptive drive? I doubt it.

If it does, I'll let you know. But I think I just found a way to fix the problem super cheap. Skip the expensive blue atf, just drain all your existing atf, separate it into two containers, one half each. Mix the Lucas TF into one of the halves as it is so think it will not pump in without being mixed. Warmer is better as it flows well (not hot). Refill using the Lucas half first, top off with the other half after all the Lucas TF spiked fluid is in. Tighten bolts and done.

This link tells you how to change out your Audi atf if you don't know how already. Audi Automatic Transmission Fluid - How To Change Audi Transmission Fluid
A pain, but pretty easy once you have the tools. On mine I needed a torx for the pan, a hex for the drain plug, and a humongous hex for the filler plug.

This is the post I wish I could have found when researching this problem. Now it exists. I hope it helps some other owners with this issue. Yea!
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