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true blood is my love

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LOS ANGELES-producers of the HBO vampire series "True Blood"; have been in a race to complete several scenes last month. However, the deadline was not budgets or air dates. They needed to wrap the episodes before the wolves lose their winter coats. We had to work on his calendar" says executive producer Gregg Fienberg. A light summer would make the 120-pound gray wolf in the role of werewolf looks smaller and less menacing.“You can not suddenly wolves who look different”.TV producers are accustomed to working with stars such high-maintenance. But the popularity of the vampire genre, where everyone suddenly has werewolves, productions players learn to manage wolves. big-budget movies can afford expensive computer generated ships werewolves, but television, with its limited budget often have to rely on the real thing.Every few seconds the giant screen, while the werewolves growl in the coming film "The Twilight Saga Eclipse" took over the team six experts from the visual effect of a maximum of six weeks to create. Cost of living varies from wolves, but tend to be less than $ 500 per day, plus the cost of trainers. Why do animals prefer to travel in packs of six or seven additional wolves to follow the actor wolf, but the producers do not have to pay the company of others. "Deadwood" on HBO Western series, with the wolves live. Animal Planet recently aired "Living With The Wolfman"a reality show about a couple of England, who lives in a pack of wolves.Thunder, a golden wolf with dark amber eyes, has landed a role as a werewolf for the third season of "True Blood"with seven floors. HBO series, which returns June 13 after vampires, werewolves and humans live in the fictional town of Bon Temps, The Not everyone joins the herd. The CW Network "Vampire Diaries" is now not skip the wolves, and even arrested a flight last year because it was too difficult, according to a spokesman for the network.
Wolves, though bred in captivity, poses a particular challenge because they resemble their cousins adorable dog. Actors should be repeatedly warned not to see the animals and must go through frequent safety seminars. Perfumes and toilet waters and disturb the wolves are forbidden on the shelf. The food will be permitted on the premises immediately in accordance with the American Humane Association Film & TV Unit. Before he was cast as a werewolf Alcide Herveaux on "True Blood"the actor Joe Manganiello had little experience working with live animals, a few scenes with a penguin on a CBS pilot. A wolf living requires some adjustments. On a recent breakup of a series in West Hollywood, the actress had to rush through a crowd of extras and the sound stage after the crew spotted eating turkey. "All I heard was, Are you out of your mind? "The wolves come, he recalls.
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