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Second update: well looks like I gotta lemon on my hands. Braman audi had certified this a4 and I had purchased this from a third party used. Certification null and void becuz the fact. This was a replacement for my b5 quattro. I didn't realize I was going to the very same dealer to get the car scoped after I had purchased it. I didn't remember seeing the name on carfax. The "condition" was preexisting, but not to the point where on my initial visit to the audi dealer everything was okay - no diagnostic done.

Long story short. I have 18. Yes EIGHTEEN DTCs!!!!!!! Before I gave them the car I had no consistent CEL on; now the light won't turn off and it stalls like crazy. What did they do to it while they had it, I'm dismayed.

Of course they said if it still was warrantied they would START by changing out the TCM. Figuratively speaking I don't think they know what is wrong. Anyway throw out the idea of buying a refurb or anything even close to that because they won't even touch it unless all the parts are bought at their desk.

Cost: 1500 for parts totaling $2200 for the TCM job. Gosh I lov my fragile b7, the cute CVT, my oil burning engine (1qt every 1200 miles), my pinch problematic sunroof, my rusting,but not thru the finish hood(like an unpopped zit), my shorting shifter) and all the myriad of P codes(so frustrated didn't even ask if they cleared them - you guys should see them). *SIGH* I miss my b5 quattro. That thing was a tank. Well it been good guys. I'm boxed in

Update: Well seems like I can't get much help. Ill be shelling the $160 for the diag tomorrow. Just wanted to add that when the engine cuts out - all the electronics work with the additional blinking prdns. I notice the stalling coinciding with the shifter nob lights prnds(the ones on the console) zapping on and off. Could a short under the shifter cause the same symptoms similar to that of a bad TCM? Just wondering what I'm in for.

Oh does anyone know what labor will be to replace the tcm. I'm thinking of buying a rebuild and having the dealer put it in.

Hey all. Need all of the help I can get. Started recently hearing an electrical shorting/zapping sound coming from under the shifter module(not the audible noise coming from climate control mind u). The little separate PRNDS lights go dark in between shifts, ex. From park to reverse. The dash displays like the trip should be in fail safe/limp mode - dark letters light background. Digital display won't change over to 12345 when shifter engaged to triptonic mode. I'm at a loss here. Drive is not as smooth, especially cold starts sometimes feels like a vacume prob. I doubt that. No CEL OR MIL. Jerks on occasion between the decel about to stop and then to a quick accel; like when you catch a sudden green whilst slowing down as you approach the light.

I don't possess a VAG. I can probably change valve cover gasket on the 1.8t I had, but that's pretty much the extent of what I trust myself or have the resources to achieve with my B7.

Shifting pretqty normally most of the time unlike true limp mode. Though I think a bit more inconsistent. Not that rubber band feeling. Fuses all good I believe. I could check again.

When things DO get sour engine gets stuck in high unless I let off then depress several times to find proper gear. At low speed bucks like a 16 year old learning stick shift during one of its "episodes". Did stall in a parking garage while making a low speed turn using the engines natural pull.

The dealer said PCV n camfollower is ok. Note: funny how they didn't even notice the shift displayed the way it was on the dash. They said the slight hesitation was normal of a CVT tranny. Well my my that was last month and things have gotten progressively worse.

Could it be the TCM how much does that usually run. Can the dealer accept a payment plan ha ha. Ugh....

Also, I have the infamous oil consumption problem and I'm out of warranty. 75000 miles Yippie!!! This whole ordeal reminds me of episode where Captain Picard orders the Enterprise to engage and nothing happens.....

I guess more calls to AUDI North America and visits to the stealership.

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