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I am actually the boyfriend of an audi owner. My girlfriend just recently had a major problem with her 2002 Audi A4 1.8T. The transmssion went out and it switched to fail-safe mode. She took it into the dealer and they told her that she needed a totally new transmission. Unfortunately, she is over her warranty by about 2,000 miles. She has a 50,000 mile warranty. She is very upset because she has to pay for 25% of the problem. the dealer is probably being generous by paying for 75% but, I personally think that she should not have to pay a dime because she only had the car for less than 2 years and she already needs a new transmission!? So my questions to anyone out there are, "What should she do so that she doesn't have to pay for any of it?", "Has anyone else had this same problem with their Audi's transmission after only 52,000 miles?" "Are dealers usually strict about warranty going over by so little?" Please help. We really can't afford to get it fixed because we have a wedding that we're planning and Christmas gifts to buy. Thank you.
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