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Transmission Failure

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I need help . The other day me 1999 A6 Quattro stooped dead . Engine ran, but could not get car out of park into gear. The car was towed to the dealer , who say the TCM is cooked or drowned by water leaking into the right front seat from behind the firewall. He said I will need a new TCM (1600.00). When I reurned home I discoverd ATF ( Automatic Transmission Fluid on the drive way. I called the dealer and he said they have found the transmission leak and it is an easy fix.

Now What about the TCM ? Do I need one? My inclination is to refill the transmission with fluid and give it a go. If all works well is the new TCM not needed ? Can one run diagnostics on the TCM before replaceing it blindly? I don't like the idea of just swapping out an expensive part without verifing that it is at fault.

Now to the water leaks , the dealer put a new battery in the car several months ago. Where are the drain vents under the cowl? Could they be clogged ? Any ideas thoughts etc.

By the way the dealer wants 500.00 to just to clean and ry out the carpets and padding in the car .

Worst case I am looking a big bill that I would like to be certain is both necessary and valid.

Reply on or off list .

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Idont't know bro. My recent experience with Audiu dealer service and transmissions leads mr to think that you may want to find a good indi import mechanic and see what they say first. B.T.W. $500.00 to clean and dry out carpets is too much.
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