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My daughter has an 2007, Q7 v6. She has a very light utility trailer and uses it to deliver a couch or chair to customers of her shop. Trailer and load at max might weigh 1000 lbs. Her local Audi dealer quoted her a price of $1500-1700 for a hitch and wiring. Some story about special wiring. Optical wiring?

I had the same issue when I bought a Lexus RX 330 a few years ago...unreal price from the dealer... special wiring and converter! U-Haul did the entire job for about $350 and it has worked fine for four years.

I have searched here and found some issues with the car needing to be reflashed to tell it there is a trailer.

Does anyone have any experience with U-Haul doing this job.

I appreciate the help.
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