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Hello by the way. Im here because im am very interested in a TTS but have questions I would lke answers to before I blow $45k+.

I called about getting a TTS and apparently their are 3 packages but I cant find the differences on the AUDI website as it wont let you build a TTS yet.
Prem Plus

I also got a quote of 44,083 which is for the base model TTS if there is such a thing. This includes the destination charge and paperwork crap. I dont pay sales tax as its through military sales. That deal sound ok?

Lastly I am fighting the decision for a A5 Sline or the TTS. They are both about the same price and both are very easy on the eyes. Im going to try to testdrive a normal 09TT and an A5 as there is no TTS's there as I will be special ordering it.

Lastly is there any reason I should stay away from either of these cars and get somthing else?
Is reliability good?
Was reading on another forum about timing belts breaking way early is this common?
Anything bad about the the engine, car, or audi in general?

Thanks alot for the help and I hope soon to join the Audi ranks.
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