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Hey guys my name is Mike, I have a 1998 A6 2.8 which I bought 2 years ago. The biggest problem of the few I have is the fact that my tiptronic won't work. Meaning that when I am in drive and shift over to "tip" mode it won't engage. The second problem is that my check engine light is on due to my cat converters which are after market but work for this car. I even passed state inspection with them so they can't be bad but the light is still on after it has been reset a few times. The last thing is when i have the heat or air on and trun the steering wheel to the right I hear a squeeking noise comming from the right side vents. Now even the dealer could not explain this or didn't want to but its over my head. If anyone has any insight ir ideas about this it would be great.

im on AIM at marauder4685 or email me at [email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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