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Hi All,

I have a 2004 A6 S-Line, stock, no mods. I find the triptronic transmission to be pretty good, except when "flooring it" from a stop. Has happened a couple of time where I am turning left at an intersection and about to turn but some guy will suddenly come flying at me. I floor it and the tiptronic will literally think for about a second and a half or 2 seconds before launching me out of the way. The second the car moves it shifts into 2nd and takes way too long to shift back into 1st in event of an emergency (in my opinion). I know there are two options. Recode the transmission using vag com, but that will only hold onto 1st gear in tip mode only from what I understand. Or get a GIAC tip chip, which is supposed to improve all aspects of the tip tranny. But I have questions about the tip chip:
1) Does it work well with an OEM ECU?
2) Does it affect Drive, Sport and Tip modes differently? (I don't want drive and sport mode to perform the same)
3) Does it cause the transmission to hold 1st gear longer if you give it, say, medium throttle? As opposed to the required full throttle followed by 2 seconds of gear hunting with stock TCU.
4) The local performance shop told me not to worry about transmission life, tip chip won't hurt it at all...true?

Thanks for any advice!

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