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Totally disgruntled owner of a 1999 A.4 1.8T Quattro...

Timing belt went at 79,000 miles resulting in $3800 of engine repairs that Audi wouldn't even address (although there dealership told me I didn't need it replaced until 90,000 miles).

"Power Output Stage" - $400 part that has gone out twice in 2 years. The part not working basically causes the car to shut down. Of course, the part warranty is 12 months.

I am selling my A4 within 6 months for a substantial loss. But my wife and I no longer have confidence in the car's reliability. We will be buying a 2004 Acura TL. We are past owners of a BMW and there is no comparison between an Audi and a BMW. While BMW is very expensive, it is a great car. Audi cars AND THE COMPANY are a joke.

DO NOT BUY AUDIs - You will regret it like me.
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