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I've just bought an A4, 1.8T, quattro, 1999 (but the guy told me it's a 1999 and 1/2, like a 2000, is it true, by the way ?) with 160,000 Km (100,000 miles) on the clock and I guess it's time to change the timing belt... How can I determine if the car can make the trip to my place (250 km or 160 miles) without risking too there a way to inspect the belt, and if so, how ? I'm familiar with Toyotas and Hondas but it is my first Audi for a while (I've had a 200 in the mid nineties) ad I'm just starting to get to know Audi. I know it's quite a job to change the timing belt and I would prefer to do it in my own garage instead of his garage...

Thank's for your advices.

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