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Hey guys,

I'm a newbie to the forums, but it looks like there are some very legit folks who frequent this site. I just took my 2005 A4 1.8T into an independent shop for the 55k service (the car has about 58k miles...). They do a courtesy "integrity" check to give you a list of things they think need to be replaced. My eyes just about popped out of my head when they came back with a list of things totaling about 5k... This is obviously my first non-warranty service, lol...

I'm going to list the things on their report that I'm not quite sure about and hope that someone (or a few someones) out there can give me some feedback on whether these are common things to replace this early into the life of the car and whether the prices seem fair. I'd appreciate any feedback I can get.

Many thanks, in advance!

-- Engine decarbonization
Parts: $50
Labor: $101
Do I need this? Or should I just open my car up on the freeway for 30 mins (assuming I can avoid a $300 ticket from 5-0...)?

-- Replace full control arm kit for front suspension
Parts: $914.46
Labor: $560.55

-- Replace timing belt, tensioner pulley & dampner, waterpump
Parts: $486.94
Labor: $678.72
Seems a bit early for this??? I know I could be seriously hosed if it goes. Is this a fair price?

-- Replace valve cover gasket and cam tensioner gasket
Parts: $49.06
Labor: $495.41

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The first thing you need to do is find another shop. These guys are trying to rip you off big time. The car should have an oil change every 7500 miles using a new filter and Mobil 1 5w 40w oil or similar. These engines had a problem with sludge if regular oil was used at the 10000 recommended interval. Audi went to a larger oil filter, but to be safe you need to change it more often and use a full synthetic oil. If you had suspension problems you would have steering or tire wear problems. You need to have the tires rotated every service to even out wear. If your tires are wearing evenly and the car steers straight, your suspension is fine. Audi recommends timing belt change at 105k miles but due to the possibility of premature idler failure, you should replace it at around 80-85k. When you do, go ahead and do the water pump, etc. Parts should be around $250 for a belt kit online. Do the work yourself or find a good mechanic that you trust. The valve cover gasket and cam tensioner? gasket would probably be replaced at the time of the belt replacement. I have no idea why they are quoting that as a separate job. These people are thieves and you should report them to the better business bureau.
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