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Seems like this forum is not that populated at the moment... how long has it been around? I did a lot of searching spring of '04 for advice on buying previously enjoyed Audis and didn't find this resource.

We proceeded and acquired our little scarlet ride and I got a speeding ticket on our first long trip with it. (First in nearly 25 years) So I must have been enjoying the car, if the authorities decided to punish me.

It attracts a lot of attention... and it usually turns out that people who want to talk about the car are Audi owners themselves. I agree that there's plenty to be enthusiastic about!

For instance, did you know that in a recent poll, 46% of female Audi owners admitted to having had "affairs"? I know quite a few of them now, so what are the chances... :lol: :wub: ...

Hope to enjoy sharing experiences, knowledge and jokes with fellow All-Wheelers.

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