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the true thing is the office seasons are nice

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The Office is very good,Steve Carell last statement that he could leave his post at the end of next season has caused shock waves among the audience of NBC sitcom devoted fans. According to News, Carell told BBC Radio that his contract expires after next season, and there will probably be my last year Is Office, which has just been named one of the ten best sitcoms with us here, to stick a chance without Michael Scott? It is not our decision to make, but something tells us Scranton, Pennsylvania, just would not be the same without the boss the most helpless in the world.When you have another dull day at work, come see the house and watching television, The Office. Each strain of fatigue on your face will be replaced by lines of laughter. This show all - nasty bosses, employee policies, deadlines and rigid inevitable screw-ups. Take a moment to relax and learn the ropes of the business jungle with these quotes.
In a recent interview with BBC Radio Steve Carell and Tina Fey about their new film Date Night fell short speech on NBC, The Office, which was renewed for season 7, which begins this fall. Carell was asked: "How long will you stay with the Bureau and many other series [UK speaks of"seasons "]How long is your contract run? "The contract until next season"; said Carell. Asked if he would be signing a new contract to stay beyond that, Carell said, I do not think so. It would probably be my last year. "NBC has yet to comment on this press release as word Carell now raises the question: If Carell leaves the show, the end of office? Or the network attempts to continue the series without its main character?
The Office is a British sitcom which was first broadcast in the UK on BBC Two, July 9, 2001. Created, written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the program is in the daily lives of the employees of the branch in Slough, Berkshire fictitious company Wernham Hogg Paper. Gervais also stars in the series, playing the central character, David Brent. Although fiction, the script, the program takes the form of a documentary (a fictional documentary, ie a mockumentary), with the presence of the camera often acknowledged.If you want to see this TV series,you can buy some DVDs and see it whenever you want to see.
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