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Last week I traded my loyal old TT in on a 2011. I bought the 225 6 speed Quattro as a "toy" to keep a promise to my wife who died in 2005. When I got it it was a Certified Used TT, in Moro Blue and with 32K miles on the clock. In a brief time I discover the TT was more practical for my needs than the Denim Blue A4 I bought new in 2002... exit the A4. On my watch I added a short throw shifter, alloy wheels and a bit under 100k miles. Together we drove cross country twice once in 2006 to do "The Great Road Trip" and attend my daughter's wedding, then again in 2008 when I relocated to Oregon from Illinois.

I was really sad parting with old car but, it was time to move on. The new TT is pretty basic... I only chose to upgrade the interior without the heated seats (only used them twice in the midwest) and not at all since my move here. It's got DSG which I had been lusting for after test driving a TT in Chicago. It had to be special ordered because I wanted Scuba Blue, a color that looks even better in person than it does in any photo.

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