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I just thought I would take a second to say hi and introduce myself. The names nate. I am a US Navy sailor. I bought my first Audi a year a half ago. Its been quite an adventure. which also explains why I am even on this sight. I lost my man card the other day by trying to change the oil and inadvertantly draining the tranny fluid instead. so here I am. there is a nice audi a4 outside getting snowed on at the moment and it isnt drivable. Now this is one of those rare stupid moments we all have from time to time and I am confident I can fix this with a little help from my fellow owners. Any help you can give would be great. as of right now, I know that I need some sort of pump to get the oil in. The rest is a little vague. I have heard some people say I need to get this vag-com software. But if I am going to pay for that I might as well have someone else do it for me.
please reply and help me, please.
Nate :puzzled:
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