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The New Grill On The S4 Is Butt Ugly!

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OK, Audi has gone to the dark side and finally made a vehicle look so bad that it may turn potential owners off? I'm driving an '03 M3 and I think I'm gonna have a problem buying the next M3 if it's as butt ugly as the 5 & 7 series.

I was ready to come back to the Audi fold and get into a new S4 and then Audi goes and screws up the front end, along with the rest of the line.

So my question is: If the new look really bothers you, what are you gonna do?
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Have to agree. I think the interior is well done, but the whole line of the car is just not to my liking.
Looks like there is a lot of aftermarket stuff out there but I wouldn't want to drop more cash to fix the looks after spending so much for the car in the first place.
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