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Hi guys, I have an 2001 Audi A4 B5 1.9 TDI, I noticed for a long while now that I have a small rattleing sound in my dashboard, it goes on and off even if the car is not moving. It's like the sound made by some cd-players when turning the disk, that's why my first guess was the after market CD-player. But even when I turned it off the rattle was still coming on. Somebody told me that the problem (at a similar A4) was the climatronic, inside the control unit of the climatronic to be more exact it's suposed to be some sort of electric motor that has to align it's rotor once in a while, normally the rattle should take only a few seconds but if the rotor is dirty or broken the rattle keeps for minutes (like in my car).

- Has anybody encountered a similar problem ?
- How do you remove the climatronic control unit from the dash ? Is it posible to remove it like the cd player's head unit or do you have to unscrew the entire dashboard, I'd rather stay with this small rattle (not really anoying, if the radio's on you can't really hear it) than get new rattle's caused by un/mounting the dash.


P.S: Sorry for the pour english
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